5 Ways To Get Leads From Facebook

One of the most interesting things that modern technology brings to businesses and entrepreneurs nowadays is the fact that there are now countless ways of generating leads for your offline or online business.

Among the popular social media sites today is Facebook, most business owners are taking advantage of this social media machine to generate leads and turn these leads into sales. Also, many find the process of generating leads from Facebook interesting as they can actually find friendly competition in the site and entice more people to act as they see interesting offers from your page.

If you want to know more about how to get leads from Facebook, following these steps can increase your chances of getting more leads.

Make more attractive and interesting offers
When using Facebook, it is best that you open with lots of interesting offers that your possible leads will find irresistible. Though there is a tough competition between businesses in your niche, you can easily get an edge over others with simple yet rare offers.

Calls to action should never be forgotten
Facebook is probably the best social media platform where you can socialise with your potential buyers. However, don’t forget to sell your products or services to them. Never forget adding calls to action with every post you make. The most attractive posts are combining an interesting image, short text and finishing with a sweet call to action. Never forget to add an image, it enhances your post and gives more interaction with your followers.

The emergence of whisper codes
Many businesses are already promoting the use of whisper codes where they inform potential customers of whispering the codes prior to checking out with their operator to get a discount. For those who are allowing customers to order online, use promo codes and post it on their pages for customers to use (“whisper”) before they check out after they place their orders.

Customised tabs on your page
On your Facebook business page, there are several tabs that you can utilise to let your customers have an easier time accessing different actions on your site. This allows your customers to reach you or your representatives faster and easier than usual.

Make some of your loyal buyers your brand ambassadors
This is an exciting opportunity for your loyal or active buyers as they can get the chance of being featured on your page with their experience of your service or product. You can also give them helpful content that they can share with their interested friends to turn them into potential leads.

With all of these tips in mind, you can eventually learn how to get leads on Facebook and push your business to succeed in its efforts in making a name in the social media world. Try any of these techniques and you will notice improvements with your leads in the long run.

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